Text 8 Mar 1 note lets add on for 2014.

mid year update.   back surgery.  whee.

Text 1 Jan 2 notes 2014

Here’s to another lousy year.

Text 15 Sep 2013

This years thing.  Friday the 13th: acute renal failure.

Photo 12 Sep 1 note a chorus of “boo”s turned 5 today!

a chorus of “boo”s turned 5 today!

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Text 4 Dec 2012

2012 goes out with another medical episode.  delightful.

Photo 13 Jun
Text 1 Jan 2011

2011 sucked.  i give up.

Quote 4 Apr
The Doctor said the universe was huge and ridiculous and sometimes there were miracles. I could use with a ridiculous miracle about now.
— Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens
Text 31 Dec 1 note 2010

2010 has been the worst year of my life

Link 10 Dec RIP Noodle Cat (1998-2010)»

I got this terrible feeling at work something was wrong at home, so I raced from there at 13:30. Noodle got an emergency vet visit. She didn’t get to come home with me.

Text 21 Jul

worst summer of my life

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